About Dr. Shih

Voted Top Doc in Boston Magazine, Dr. Sarah Shih is a board certified periodontist and dental implant surgeon who practices with general dentists and restorative dentists in the towns of Boston (in the North End), Douglas, Medfield  and Upton.  This allows us to deliver a superior level of communication between your general dentist and periodontist resulting in better comprehensive patient care.

We offer a wide range of periodontal services and dental implant procedures including treating areas of periodontal disease and bone loss, the placement of dental implants and gum grafts to cover exposed roots and correct recession using your own tissue or Alloderm®.  Dr. Shih has extensive experience with all of these techniques.  Whatever your periodontal needs, our staff will do our very best to insure that you are informed, comfortable and relaxed.

Dr. Shih also treats children who have surgical periodontal needs such as exposing impacted teeth for orthodontics and frenectomy to prevent spacing between the teeth.  Our gentle staff will make everything as easy as possible for your child.  We love seeing children in our office!

Find out more about Dr. Shih's training and experience at About Dr. Shih.

For an appointment, call one of these locations:

Boston (in the North End, Top Cosmetic Doc, Boston Magazine

Dr. Joseph Giangrasso & Dr. Joseph Giangrasso, Jr.                                                   
279 Hanover Street #1                                                                                               
Boston, MA 02113                                                                                                    
Fax: (617) 227-6416                                                                                                  
PHONE:  (617) 227-6410

Douglas (Reader's Choice #1 Dental Office in Douglas)

Douglas Valley Dentistry
Dr. Shailza Sharma
341 Main Street
Douglas, MA 01516
Fax:  (508) 476-3214
PHONE:  (508) 476-3115

Medfield (Reader's Choice #1 Dental Office in Medfield, Top Doc Boston Magazine)

Dr. Mary DeMello
266 Main Street #14
Medfield, MA 02052
Fax: (508) 359-8940
PHONE: (508) 359-2900

Upton (Reader's Choice #1 Dental Office in Upton)

Dr. Janet Goguen                                                                                                      
113 Main Street (Main and Hartford Ave N)
PO Box 804                                                                                                             
Upton, MA 01568-0804                                                                                              
Fax: (508) 529-3157                                                                                                  
PHONE:  (508) 529-4591

About Dr. Shih