About Dr. Shih

Dr. Sarah D. Shih has been in practice since 1987 and provides periodontal and dental implant surgical services in the offices of general and restorative dentists in Douglas, Medfield, Upton and Brookline Massachusetts.  We are accepting new patients at these locations and offer services in all phases of periodontal therapy including both surgical and non-surgical options.

Dr. Sarah Shih has extensive experience in gum grafting techniques and recently authored two textbook chapters on the topic.  She performs all procedures related to dental implant placement including sinus elevation, ridge augmentation, bone grafting and dental implant placement and works closely with your restorative dentist so you will receive the best result possible.  Most importantly, Dr. Shih treats patients with periodontal bone loss and pocketing and to help patients save their teeth.

Dr. Shih graduated from the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry in 1987 where she received her DDS degree.  Following four years of private practice as a general dentist in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Shih began her periodontal training at Baylor College of Dentistry where she received her periodontal certificate and MS in 1993.  To further her knowlege and ability to care for her patients, Dr. Shih then completed a Doctor of Medical Sciences degree (in conjunction with Boston Children's Hospital, Department of Orthopaedic Research) at Harvard School of Dental Medicine in 1997.  Dr Shih taught surgical technique and lectured in the Harvard Dental Graduate Periodontology Residency Program for 15 years and was recognized with multiple Excellence in Teaching awards.  Her research interests include the molecular biology of bone formation and bone cancer, the effects of growth factors on oral cancer, root coverage techniques to stimulate regeneration and the dental needs of homeless persons and victims of domestic violence. 

Dr. Shih lectures both locally and internationally on her techniques for gum grafting and dental implantology and has authored several research articles and textbook chapters.  She has received honors not only for her research achievements but also for her clinical excellence.  She is a two-time recipient of NIH Research Fellowships and was recognized by the Los Angeles Free Clinic and Boston Healthcare for the Homeless for her work.  Dr. Shih is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, the only recognized specialty board in Periodontology and Dental Implant Surgery

Dr. Sarah Shih serves in leadership positions in the American Academy of Periodontology as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Periodontology and the Periodontal Therapy Committee whose purpose is to identify current and emerging diagnostics and treatments that may impact the practice of periodontics and the care of periodontal patients and to make recommendations regarding the efficacy of these therapies.

Dr. Shih is listed in Boston Magazine as Top Doc in the category of Periodontists and is also a certified yoga instructor. In her spare time she enjoys listening to opera and playing with her rescue dogs.

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